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Widely known for their couture designs coveted by style conscious brides from all over the world, the Romanian sisters Cristina and Gabriela Antonescu graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Bucharest and started off their career working as costume designers for theatrical productions.

Seven years later, driven by a compelling dream to offer something innovative and unique to the high-end fashion scene, they established the brand Ersa Atelier – to success. Their debut is celebrated for the signature hand-made embroideries and royal aesthetics that strike a note with a select clientele – socialites, celebrities, and women with a pronounced taste for impeccable bespoke designs.

Their distinguished creations gained them rapid recognition and many awards, which set Ersa Atelier on the ascendant way of becoming the luxury brand it is today.

Since their debut, Cristina and Gabriela Antonescu have been the designers of choice for women all over the world looking for that here-comes-the-unforgettable-bride feel that only their dresses convey so naturally.